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Fire Damage Cleanup

Experiencing a fire in your home or property, no matter how severe, is stressful and scary. We don’t want you to feel the additional stress of cleanup too, which is why ELITE is here to help you with smoke and fire damage restoration in Cincinnati at any time with our 24/7 restoration services.

The Facts About Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage can be pervasive, often affecting areas that were never exposed to flames. You often don’t consider the damage that might occur past the initial fire, and could be surprised by the amount of deterioration that takes place beneath the surface.

Fires can happen anywhere, anytime. Kitchens are the most common

area in the home for a fire to occur. Even if the fire remains contained

in the kitchen, smoke and ash can reach throughout your home,

damaging surfaces, structures, and even electrical wiring. Fires are ​most

often put out with water, meaning that in addition to fire damage,

most homes that have suffered a fire are also subject to severe water

damage. In many cases, water damage cleanup is a bigger and more

extensive job than the fire damage restoration process.

Don’t get stuck with excessive work after a fire, see how a restoration company can ease your pain.

How the Professionals Can Help

After a fire, call a professional crew knows how to find all types of fire damage to rectify hidden structural damage and prevent corrosion and etching from affecting your treasured belongings. Working with professionals during this process is the fastest, safest, and least stressful way to address the property damage caused by fire, offering you valuable peace of mind and providing you with the time you need to recover mentally from this situation.

Smoke and fire damage cleanup, especially after an extensive fire, is a hazardous process that you definitely should not attempt to handle by yourself. Not only may your home be unsafe for occupation, but chemicals deposited by smoke and ash can pose a serious health hazard. Your professional fire damage cleanup company knows how to handle fire damage restoration safely, so you and your family will not be at risk during or after the disaster recovery process.

Brock Restoration offers the professional assistance you need when recovering from a home fire—you can reach us today by calling 812-773-9568, or filling out the form on the left.

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Residential Restoration Services

ELITE Construction Systems focus on helping you feel secure again after disaster strikes your home. Our experienced team of compassionate professionals will help restore and rebuild your home and property in the Tri-State. Call us for help with:

Residential Fire Restoration
Water Damage Cleanup
Recovery of Personal Property
Smoke Damage Repair
Claims Inventory After Fire

With our team of technicians in Evansville, we feel confident in taking your property into our care and minimizing the interruption to your lives. ELITE continuously invests in the latest disaster cleanup technology, training and specialty equipment, to ensure we can provide your family with the highest level of care. We restore residential and commercial spaces, taking the following steps to facilitate Rapid Recovery:


Upon arrival, we will obtain your written authorization to begin mitigation services on your property. We evaluate all affected areas, beginning with the source, to determine the initial scope of work. Our technicians will outline the best course of action for you.


We begin extracting any visible & non-visible water to stop the spread of moisture. In a carpeted area, the wet carpet padding may need to be removed and disposed of, along with wet insulation, ceiling tiles, and other materials that require immediate attention.


We apply an EPA approved antimicrobial treatment to affected areas, inhibiting bacterial reproduction. Rapid Response reduces the risk of mold and structural damage. This solution deodorizes as it sanitizes, and is safe for children and pets.


We monitor moisture levels and strategically place industrial air movers to accelerate evaporation, and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the air—significantly reducing drying time. It is critical to always leave the equipment running until completely dry.


Brock Restoration has specialized facilities dedicated to disinfecting & cleaning your belongings, eliminating bacteria that causes odors and could lead to mold. From framed family photos to your child’s favorite stuffed animal, we understand that every item in your home is prescious to you and will receive our greatest care.


Once we finish cleaning and decontaminating your property, our in-house team of professional contractors restores walls, flooring, ceilings, structural elements, and woodwork to their original conditions. We want your home to match your memory of it.

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Water and Mold Damage Cleanup

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Water and Mold Damage Cleanup

In addition to feeling the stress of a flood, severe storm, or accidental water damage, you likely don’t want to deal with cleanup too. Water has the potential to seriously affect your property, from causing deterioration of structural components to damaging your finishes, furnishings, and belongings as well. If left untreated, the water from floods and backups can also harbor mold growth, leading to further health concerns and additional property damage.

Why Mold and Mildew Are a Concern

Mold and mildew are ever-present in the air around us. Under most conditions, these fungi are not a problem, but they grow and spread quickly under favorable conditions. Most mold spores begin growing within 24-48 hours of finding adequate moisture and begin to colonize the surrounding area within a week. Because most mold problems begin in the interior of your home, such as behind drywall, under floors, and within structural beams, the discovery of surface mold is indicative of a much larger problem that requires professional mold abatement to eliminate completely.

Surface cleaning of mold may help your home to look better, but only sets the stage for mold and mildew to return, having caused even more extensive damage in the meantime. The ELITE disaster recovery service can help you with professional mold abatement and mold damage restoration near Evansville.

Do You Need a Water Restoration Company?

Your water damage cleanup service can arrive at any time to begin water

removal to minimize the damage and costs associated with flooding. If you

suspect that water has seeped into surfaces such as flooring, drywall,

cabinetry, or other areas of your home, it’s essential to work with a

professional  water damage repair service. Cleaning only the visible surfaces

of your home will not effectively prevent further water and mold damage from occurring.

At ELITE, we have more than 16 years of experience in mold abatement and water damage cleanup serving Cincinnati. We will act quickly to address water and storm damage to your home to minimize the effects of a flood on your property. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality mold and water damage cleanup services so you can enjoy a safe, beautiful, and healthy home following a leak, flood, or storm. You can reach us at any time for assistance with catastrophe cleanup by calling 812-773-9568, or filling out the form on the left.

 Disaster Recovery

Tri-State Area’s rain and snow can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. If all the wind and water have negatively affected your home, you need to call the storm damage cleanup professionals at Brock Restoration. We’re your single source property restoration company, and we’ll work through every aspect of the recovery process, including wall, ceiling, and floor repairs, wind damage cleanup, water extraction and drying, and roof and siding repairs.

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Mold Removal

Make your environment safer. Poor indoor air quality caused by mold growth can lead to all sorts of health problems. Furthermore, if it’s not taken care of quickly, mold can begin to weaken the structure of your house. Our services include containment of mold growth, removal of the mold, dehumidification of affected area and sealing of moisture source.

Fire Damage

Fire damage can take several different shapes & sizes, often requiring specialized response. The damage from the heat and flames needs to be dealt with, as does the damage caused by smoke and water. Our services include fire and smoke cleanup, water extraction and drying, deodorization and contents restoration.

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Water Damage

Water can do a lot of damage to your property in a very short period of time. Water damage scenarios require a quick response in order to prevent mold growth. For thorough and efficient services call Brock Restoration immediately. Our 24/7 emergency services include flood water removal, drying and dehumidification, mold prevention, and contents restoration. 


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