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 Metal Roofing
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• 50 year paint warranty 
• 40 colors to choose from* 
• Galvalume substrate® 
• Huge inventory in stock 
• All products laboratory tested 
• Audited Quality Assurance program 
• Quick response to orders 
• Energy Star Partner 
• 10 years of customer satisfaction 
• Old-fashioned values in high tech business 
* 20 colors of 26- and 29-gauge,
* 20 more colors of 24-gauge

Elite Construction install and repairs EVANSVILLE TO OWENSBORO metal/steel roofs with color blends to compliment any exterior. Evansville Roof Repair. Evansville Roofing Contractor, New Roof Evansville.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs
We installs and repairs Stone Coated Steel roofs with color blends to compliment any exterior. Evansville Roof Repair.

Locally owned and operated , Elite Construction provides a no obligation in-home consultation. We will repair your roof and provide a guarantee of our workmanship and professionalism.

We are certified installers in Evansville of Sunrooms, Metal Roofing, Roof Repair, Vinyl Siding, Sun Rooms, Windows. We also are experts in Room Additions, Vinyl and Stone Siding, Deck & Patio Enclosures, Carports, windows and more. We are licensed and insured certified general contractors serving all of Tri-State. We are providers of unsurpassed quality and time efficiency in all home improvement projects.

There is a growing list of reasons for the expandinguse of metal in

residential construction. Leading the

list is the tremendous variety of exciting shapes and colors that today's

product offers. In addition to these

aesthetic advantages, modern metal residential roofing is easily installed and offers longevity, energy savings and exceptional durability, even under extreme weather conditions. Below are some common questions and answers regarding the use of metal in residential construction.

Frequently Asked Metal Roofing Questions

How can a Metal Roof save energy?
Many conventional roofing materials, asphalt shingles, for example, absorb energy from the sun. Metal, on the other hand, reflects most of the sun’s rays. At day’s end, metal also cools more quickly. As a result, the attic space remains cooler, as does the living space below. Conventional roofing materials tend to absorb and retain heat, therefore requiring more energy to maintain a cooler living space.
Can I install a Metal Roof over my existing roof?
Yes. Because of the light weight of metal, it is easily installed over existing roofing materials, without the disposal problems commonly associated with re-roofing projects. And, because ECS roofing panels are installed in sheets, labor cost for installation are kept to a minimum.
Will it look good?

ECS recognizes that appearance is a major factor in the choice of roofing material.

To ensure that the benefits of metal go beyond longevity and durability, ECS’s highly

diversified line of roofing products offers the homeowner a wide variety of styles, colors,

and finishes.Will it make noise when it rains

Modern metal roofing is often installed directly over plywood decking and felt or an existing roof. Therefore, any noise generated by rain will be similar to that created by conventional roofing materials. Also, as with conventional materials, attic insulation will provide additional noise reduction.
Will it cost more than conventional roofing?
Although the initial cost of metal is higher, the life-cycle costs are substantially lower than conventional materials. The decision to select metal is often based upon the fact that the homeowner either doesn’t want to or can’t afford to replace their conventional roof every 10 to 12 years. Metal, on the other hand, will provide years of low maintenance service life.

Metro offers four unique roof profiles made from stone-coated steel that range from the graceful curves of MetroTILE®, to the deep wood grain of MetroSHAKE®, the sleek low-profile finish of MetroSHINGLE® or the timeless beauty of MetroROMAN® all of which create a strong, weather-tight, environmentally-friendly metal roof that will beautify and protect virtually any property for years to come.

Whether your needs are focused on finding just the right roof for your home or a perfect color for an upcoming architectural or multi-family project, a Metro steel roof is the smart choice, and we’ve made the process simpler by providing an in-depth video on-line for you to view. Take a look at our "Why Metal? Why Metro?" DVD video, along with a brief explanation on the benefits of "Batten" vs. "Batten-Less" installations. Feel free to contact us for more information on Metro's Smart Roofs for Smart People™.

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