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Hurricane Header

Our dual hollow load bearing “Hurricane Header” can easily withstand gulf coast storms or heavy midwest snow loads. This allows for larger expanses of open glass and larger openings for doors and windows without any compromise in the strength of the system.

Warmer In The Winter, Cooler In The Summer

All Seasons Sunrooms new high-performance composite technology combined with the insulated core, will minimize your energy costs and maximizes your comfort. Our triple-ply fiberglass-reinforced pultruded polyurethane components are the strongest in the industry, and provide far greater thermal insulation than aluminum with no shrinking, warping or corrosion.


Kryptonite Interlocking Connection System

The unique interlocking connection system in our                                                                              walls has revolutionized the sunroom industry. Similar                                                                           to a mortise and tenon system in a handcrafted Amish barn,                                                                the precision fit provides much greater strength and stability                                                             than standard bolt or zip screw connections. This precision interlock means no “bending to fit” during installation, and eliminates exposed screws, boltheads, fasteners and caulking, providing a cleaner look. Like a dovetail joint in a kitchen cabinet, this unseen connection will provide a superior product fit and finish along with a lifetime of durability.


Everything you love about being outdoors, with all the comforts of being indoors. Relax. Entertain. Enjoy. This is your sanctuary... your oasis... a serene haven where you are in total control of your environment. Welcome to LifeRoom. Welcome to your backyard.[LifeRoom Poolside]

Let us customize a LifeRoom for you and turn the ordinary into

the extraordinary. LifeRoom can transform any dull, ordinary

backyard into an amazing outdoor haven that directly reflects

your personal style. Now your friends and family will look on in

awe, as you pick up LifeRoom's remote control and raise or

lower the fully automated screens to create the ultimate

environment for entertaining, watching movies or just plain

relaxing. Enjoy your own backyard like never before. If that

isn't enough, you'll be happy to know that a LifeRoom adds

extra living space and can increase the value of your home.

Adding a LifeRoom to your home instantly affords you the

incomparable freedom to once again enjoy the romance and

beauty of the great outdoors, right in your own backyard.

LifeRoom can instantly adjust to your mood and Mother Nature's. With the screens up, LifeRoom is a wide open sanctuary, want a little privacy? Just lower the side screens. If the bugs come out... relax and just lower all the screens and enjoy the beauty of your own backyard without having to worry about anything... ever again. LifeRoom will be your new favorite romantic restaurant, and you'll never need a reservation.



You are about to enter a realm of comfort and

relaxation that you've never imagined before.

Feel all of your senses come alive. LifeRoom isn't

just a room... it's a total mind-body experience.

Unique. Innovative. Sophisticated. These words

do not even begin to describe the LifeRoom

experience. LifeRoom is so technologically

advanced, it makes every room before it look

primitive. LifeRoom provides a soft gentle breeze

and cool mist that caresses you as the fully

automated retractable screens protect you and

your family from the blazing sun. LifeRoom's

cutting-edge technology makes it a welcome oasis

from the stress of everyday living. Imagine...

remote control screens, soothing blue LED mood lighting, and Soft Breeze technology.


Cool Mist Climate System can reduce the room temperature up to 40° F.

LifeRoom Takes Being "Cool" To A Whole New Level.

Reduces the room temperature by up to 40 degrees even in the most humid conditions by dispersing ultra-fine mist droplets that disappear almost immediately by means of "flash evaporation."


Silent Glide Motorized Screens protection and entertainment.

Instantly Adjusts To Your Mood And Mother Nature's.

LifeRoom's fully automated retractable screens are quiet and can be raised or lowered independently of each other to give you total control of the sun, wind and bugs. Plus you may also find some other uses!

 Receive Our Free Catalog

Here at Four Seasons, we believe that every homeowner should have all the information before making a decision about how to proceed with their home remodeling project. That's why we offer FREE in-home design consultations where you get an upfront estimate with all costs included. Sometimes, you just want that extra spark of inspiration... If that's you, we've got you covered with our free catalog. 

 Cool Mist & Soft Breeze Technology

LifeRoom takes being "cool" to a whole new level with its

innovative, unique, Cool Mist climate system and Soft Breeze

technology. Enjoy your LifeRoom even on the hottest days.

Imagine, a cool mist so ultra fine that it actually disappears

as it cools the air around you. In fact, you can enjoy a

temperature reduction of up to 40 degrees. Plus, LifeRoom's

protective screens can block an amazing 95% of the sun's

harmful UV rays, so you and your loved ones can enjoy a

healthy, safe way to relax and play outdoors. LifeRoom, your

oasis retreat protects you from the blazing and stifling sun.

Created by a prestigious team of engineers and designers, with over 20 patents to their credit. There's even a Cool Mist climate system that can reduce the room temperature up to 40 degrees.

Versatile & Modular.

Just need screens? No problem!

Transform your existing patio cover into the revolution in outdoor living and bring the comforts of technology to the forefront with LifeRoom Screens. At the touch of a button, create a bug and allergen-free environment with up to 95% protection from harmful UV rays that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy all year round all on your existing patio cover!

Soft Breeze Technology for the hottest summer.

Feel that? That's LifeRoom's Soft-Breeze Technology.

Activate LifeRoom's Soft Breeze technology and feel a gentle breeze surround you.
Your LifeRoom will be a welcome oasis from the stifling heat. Let LifeRoom help to reduce the humidity.


Outdoor Living.............Inside

Sun Room

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Revolutionary Outdoor

Living is for Everyone!

LifeRoom by Four Seasons has the perfect outdoor living solution for any home, family, or budget.
Don't put off enjoying your home and yard to the fullest. LifeRooms can be custom built to fit any home and budget, and start as low as $9,999, with financing available. The patent-pending features of LifeRoom allow it to be designed just for you and your family's needs, fit your home's unique architecture and adhere to HOA guidelines.

Mood Lighting creates just the right atmosphere.

Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private VIP Room

Blue LED mood lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide retractable screen.
Relax in your dream spa setting,
or let the party continue...


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LifeRoom's fully automated screens descend

around you and your friends at the touch of

a button. The attractive, remote controlled

retractable screens instantly provide

protection from inclement weather, pesky

flying insects and nosy neighbors. So now, you

and your guests can party all night long.

LifeRoom's soothing LED lighting turns your

backyard into the trendiest VIP room in town.

Relax and just enjoy the beauty of your own

backyard without having to worry about Mother

Nature's wrath, ever again. LifeRoom, the first

outdoor room that can become an indoor room, instantly... all at your command.

Whether it's game night, or movie night... LifeRoom satisfies the most demanding fans. Round up the kids and your neighbors... LifeRoom's got the biggest screens this side of Hollywood. Imagine, watching movies, TV shows and sporting events right in your own backyard. LifeRoom's fully automated retractable screens not only keep unwanted flying pests out, but they are uniquely designed to serve as amazing projection screens for any home theater. And the great thing is, this theater is never sold out. You'll always have the best seat in the house!


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